Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dear Friends! LONG TIME NO SEE...!

Now, let's see...

It's been almost a year since I last posted a memo here.

Time goes by, and our kids are growing FAST!

Our daughter will be starting her Kindergarten this fall, and I was wondering how you're all doing with the parental awe of choosing "the perfect school" for your child?

Our first choice remains Glenfeliz, our local favorite! But, I'm sure we're all on the same boat, asking ourselves series of questions, like "Will the school be accommodating to our child's needs?" and "How about after school programs???"

I was wondering if you guys want to get together sometime in February for an easy pot luck or pizza night? If weekend days work, perhaps we'll get together at Shane's Inspiration Playground (in Griffith Park) for a small picnic?

If you guys are still reading this blog, please respond by placing your comments.

Hope to hear from you all...!

(I no longer have "keimn06" email account)


Tim Warner said...

Count me in for February. FYI after Valentine's Day would be best for me but I can shuffle things if need be.

There is an after school program at Glenfeliz FYI. You can call the school to get more info.

ninatim said...

Hello again Kei,

I would also email the announcement you posted because I'm not really suer how many people from the group are still checking this blog.

- Tim

Kay said...

Hi Tim!
Thanks for circulating my post to everyone.

I know they have an after school program, but with a limited capacity. When I spoke with them, it's "first come served" and the max. enrollment per year is 20 for kinder, and last year, there were over 30 kids who couldn't get into the program... They told me to definitely attend September parent orientation meeting, where the sign-up is available. That means, we won't know until few days before the school starts... That's crazy... We might have to think about opening our own after school program...