Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Updates re. neighborhood schools

Hello all,

I was talking to Jory last night and he suggested I post this info here as it is good news not all of you may be aware of...

First, how many of you know that Glenfeliz was awarded the same arts prototype grant Ivanhoe got a few years ago. The grant pays for professionals from MOCA and LACMA to instruct the teachers on how to incorporate the arts into the curriculum - dance, drama, painting, etc. So that is great news for all interested parties.

Also, Glenfeliz has received a distinction for two years in a row for being in the top 15% of state schools that have the greatest AYP. As opposed to just the API score, the AYP measures the improvement percentage a school makes in the API testing year to year. So the school is improving at a pretty rapid rate. I feel more parent involvement will definitely make it comparable to Ivanhoe in a short amount of time.

Finally, the Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts is planning on moving to the New Hope Church location (behind Best Buy & Costco). At this point it is controversial because it is really close to the old Franciscan pottery toxic location. The school is going through all the proper channels though and getting all the required tests needed to determine if the location is safe for kids. The school administrators kids go to the school, so they will not go there if there is any question about safety left unanswered. Jory is familiar with the school and probably can answer questions about the school better than I, but it sounds like it would be an excellent alternative school option for our neighborhood if it is safe. We will be discussing the school at the next AVNC meeting on Feb 14 (yes unfortunately Valentines Day)at 7pm at the New Hope Church. I can also send you the draft of the minutes from my committee meeting where we first discussed it if you want. Email me at twarner@atwatervillage.org


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